We are a family business

Dan is the visionary who has spent the last decade upgrading our 100+ year-old home with the latest gadgets. He is the product and tech expert who is passionate about making life as simple as possible, to give him more time for his true passion: brewing beer.

Charlie is the apprentice who likes to tinker and experiment, from coding his own smart home techniques, to finding ways to use technology to make life easier. He is open to learning new things with technology, for example, he recently learned how to BBQ using a smart meat thermometer.

Emily is our designer and product tester. We have designed many smart home techniques to know where she is and how to catch up with her, including when she threw a party while her parents were in France.

Gena is an entrepreneur who encourages our family, and serves as a consultant on all things business building. She also helps us keep things simple, with her PhD (Push here, Dummy!) in technology.